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Masonic Freemason Square Compass Tie Clip

OFFICIAL MASONIC TIE BAR & CUFFLINKS - Great size for any ties

DURABLE DESIGN - The back of the tie bar is designed to hold onto your tie but won't rip or shred high-quality silk material.

WARDROBE ESSENTIAL - This affordable masonic tie bar is a must-have for all men/women looking to complete their wardrobe. Dressy enough for formal outfits but also casual enough to be worn at almost any occasion where a tie is necessary. Also works great for uniforms!

SUPER SAVE SET - factory direct pricing offers these premium cuff links at an affordable price point

PERFECT FOR MASONIC FREEMASON - The flag is a perfect size, with a toothed clip on the back. It makes a great gift for anyone who wants to show their love for masonic freemason.