by Harold Walters August 15, 2019 3 min read

“How do I join the Knights Templar”? 

Yes, you can become a Knights Templar today. It exists as one of the top rankings Masonic organizations in Freemasonry. Though you must require membership and show that you share a common understanding of modern Templar. Becoming a Knights Templar isn’t a complicated issue at all. It is indeed a unique and exceptional way to transform your life. You comprehend the purpose of your life and take a firm stand for what is right for your community and country. Besides, the best thing is you don’t have to be a warrior only to join the membership.

Even if you are a doctor, lawyer, businessman, or entertainment personality, you can opt for it. However, if it is your first time, and you aren’t an official member of Freemasonry, it is imperative to understand a few important things.

It’s the 21st century. You aren’t a warrior, therefore, the benefits of becoming a Knights Templar won’t be the same either. Historic Knights Templar were highly trained soldiers. They used to fight the unbelievers to make the world a safer and better place for Christians. Affluent families and religious scholars of their era loved them and flooded them with lands, farms, and money time and time again. This isn’t the case now, as the original Knights Templar and their duties don’t exist today.

Modern Knights Templar is actually an utterly separate organization and doesn’t have any connection with the actual Historic Knights Templar. In case you are wondering why they are using the same name, it is only because they are inspired by them. Rather than doing specific duties, their main goal is to live for Christ and improve the community. There is freedom, love, respect, and equality among all the members too.

Also, you can be a Knights Templar without being a Freemason. Many people think it is necessary to become a Freemason, which is not true at all. There are numbers of non-Masonic small groups that don’t compel you to sign up for the teachings of Blue Lodge, such as The Autonomous Grand Priory of Scotland and The Confederation of Scottish Knights Templar. In fact, if we say the non-Masonic Knights Templar are specifically for Christians, it would be 100% correct. The key purpose behind their creation is to gather people from different walks of life, like philosophers, bikers, doctors, and etc, and do the necessary revolution peacefully. In other words, it is all about waking the people and saving the Christian race.

If you are a true Christian, joining a non-Masonic Knights Templar group is the best opportunity for you. But in case you are a Freemason, you must become a Master of the Lodge to acquire this degree. It is an appendant 33rd degree within the York Rite series. However, experts state it is not a degree but a Christian-focused order which you join. And, it is not necessary for a Freemason to acquire it too.

Now, there are other chivalric statuses too, like Knight in Nobility, but it is important to serve as a Templar Sergeant first. Besides, luckily, the doors are open for women too. They can also join the order of Knights Templar, but their duties can be a tad different. Women will assist and support in different sectors of the organization. They will, of course, be participating in all Templar missions, but their services will be associated with skilled professionals, who support the Knights.

Apart from this, once you choose the organization and sign up for the Knights Templar membership, you have to wait for the approval. Usually, they take a week to approve or disapprove of your application. It is pertinent for them to check your conduct and record.

If you are accepted, you will start receiving ‘Skill Training’ immediately. In the first level, you learn about the foundation and survival of the order. This first order also makes you study the historical documents which are about the foundations of Knights Templar. Once you complete the first stage, there are some advanced levels too which are about Codes of Chivalry, Rules of Nobiliary, Templar Culture and Heritage, and etc.

The original Knights Templar were monks and warriors. But, in this era, you don’t have to be a monk. You are a modern-day warrior who improves the culture with his knowledge and skills and supports the Christian society. Fortunately, you don’t have to be rich either to join the order. Its membership fee is usually low and for everyday regular people.

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